God is Light

1st John 1:5 God is Light

This is the message we have heard from him and declare to you: God is light; in him there is no darkness at all. 1st John 1:5 NIV


They left the paved road behind and climbed into the Southern California hills. As they left the city lights behind them the only light they had to navigate with was the two beams from the headlights. The two-tracked dirt road wound up a canyon where the three young men had ridden their mountain bikes before. But it was difficult to guess how sharp the turns were or where the ruts were. Suddenly one of the passengers yelled, “Gun it! Hit the gas!” The driver heard him and wanted to comply, but he could not see what the danger was or which way to steer. So he continued to creep around an uphill curve. The car slid sideways into a washout on one side of the track. It tilted until it got wedged in like someone had stuck a child´s toy car into a cup. The youngsters had to climb up out of the cab through a side window that was above them. Have we ever gotten into trouble in the dark?

Fortunately, the young men had their sleeping bags in the truck and so they slept on the road nearby. In the morning one of them hiked out to call a tow truck. There is a lot of darkness that we travel through in our times. The Children of God have a light though that helps us see which way to go. We may not see the dangers that would trip us up or trap us. But if we are riding with the Light of the World, God´s own Son, then our Way will be sure. We can go forward in confidence as we learn to trust and to listen to God each day. Could we put a little faith in God to show us the Way?


Dear Lord,

When we do not know which way to turn, let us turn to You! Show us the Way, the Truth and the Light, we pray!


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