Confess to the Faithful

1st John 1:9 Confess to the Faithful

If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness. 1st John 1:9 NIV


The stairs leading down into the basement were covered in the same fluffy carpet as the rest of the house. They went straight down and turned 90º at the bottom and stopped at a door. The boys invented a game that they did not really want their parents to know about. It was called the Avalanche. They would collect pillows, blankets, and cushions from the sofa and make a dam with them at the top of the stairs. Then they would all cry, “Avalanche!” They would push themselves and the pile of soft fake snow off the top to tumble down the stairwell. Half sliding and half rolling they would plummet with thuds and bangs all the way to the bottom where they would abruptly crash in a heap. Is there anything in our lives that we might be holding back from confessing to our Lord?

One day the boys tried to play their game at their aunt´s house. But she heard them and put an end to their game real quick. We may not realize that there are things that God wants us to bring to Him. Christ has invited us to come to Him and now waits for us to open ourselves to doing just that. He would like to hear what our plans are, what we are up to, and what entertains our thoughts throughout the day. There is nothing Jesus would want for us to hide from Him. He sees it anyway. It is just left up to us to come and spill our beans or hold them from Him. Shall we go to Him and see what He thinks about all that we are up to now?


Dear Lord,

Help us to actually come to You. Help us to open every hidden corner of our souls so that our relationship with You will grow into the sweetest and most thrilling of all, we pray!



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