Have Son, Have Father

1st John 2:23 Have Son, Have Father

No one who denies the Son has the Father; whoever acknowledges the Son has the Father also. 1st John 2:23 NIV


The part of the world where they were living had just gone through a civil war. When the time came for their oldest boy to go to high school, the parents chose to send him to the neighboring country where they knew their boy would be better off. The budding teenager, fortunately, began growing muscles and leaving behind his former child´s physique. This was very helpful to the sprouting young man because boarding school was quite brutal. There was a pecking order and the smaller boys had to defend themselves against the bigger and more aggressive older ones. He learned self-defense. When the youth came home on his holiday break, he told his younger brothers of the brawls and taught them what he had learned of protection. By their big brother´s side, they felt somehow safe. What gives us confidence as we walk through life?

Our lives can be quite complicated these days. Nearly everyone would like to know that there is someone who will always be there for us. We may feel weak or strong, but if we have the confidence that Someone is there to back us up, then we can walk forward with assurance. Jesus has offered to be the One by our side. He had to leave His Father´s house and go to a pretty tough school. But He came Home a conqueror. He won! It does not matter what we may face. If we have Christ at our side, if we edge in close to Him, we can feel secure. He will take care of anything that may threaten us! Shall we set out today with both the Son and the Father to back us up and be there for us?


Dear Lord,

We do not know what we will come up against today. Just let us walk along with You by our side through it all, we pray!



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