Antichrist Danger

1st John 2:18 Antichrist Danger

Dear children, this is the last hour; and as you have heard that the antichrist is coming, even now many antichrists have come. This is how we know it is the last hour. 1st John 2:18


The young boy took his pellet gun and went up into the hills behind the house. He felt like a big-game hunter on an adventure. But somehow, the barrel of his pellet gun touched the ground. It got dirt in the end. He tried to clean it. He was a big boy, he could fix this, he thought. So he started examining the little weapon. His father had taught him well about gun safety. He needed to be real careful. But, as he tried looking down the barrel, his hand slipped and accidentally touched the trigger. It was loaded. It went off. The pellet missed his eye but hit him in his forehead. Have we ever been fooled and stepped right into harm´s way?

The emergency was soon over and the boy recovered with less of a scar than he probably wished for. Today, we are living in a time that we were warned would come. We may never have dreamed that the sly old devil would still be able to deceive us now that we are so big and clever. But in this late hour, the Christ that came to save us is being stolen away. Confused interpretations, poor role models, and low opinions have weakened our need for Jesus. We are looking down a barrel. Anything that takes away from us our need to know and walk with our Savior will hurt us far more than being shot by a gun. Anything that makes Christ smaller and less significant in our lives is a dangerous threat to our eternal health. Shall we pray that we see the danger before it goes off in our face?


Dear Lord,

Please open our eyes to see that we need You near! Don´t let us be fooled into thinking we can do anything without our Savior right there with us all throughout our day, we pray!



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