Love Our Brothers

1st John 3:14 Love our Brothers

We know that we have passed from death to life, because we love our brothers. Anyone who does not love remains in death.  1st John 3:14 NIV


One day, some good friends of the family came over to visit. They had children too and the kids immediately started playing together. There was a room in the house that was empty and the children took their Legos into that room and spread them all over the floor. They were having a great time until one kid thought it would be funny to break one of the other kid´s constructions. This sparked his friend´s anger and before he knew it, he had said something that affected the smaller one. The little friend ran crying to his mommy. The mother tried to console the child. She thought that he had been hit or injured from the tone of his sobbing. But when he could finally speak, he said that the reason for his tears was that his friend did not want to be friends anymore. Are we careful enough that we show only love for our brothers and sisters?

The boys patched up their differences quickly. They have grown up and are still friends today. A lifetime has gone by and they both have children of their own. They still call each other and love each other like brothers. We have a sacred opportunity each day to demonstrate brotherly love to those around us. When we do, we reflect the love of God that was first showered upon us. It is this selfless love that shows the world that God´s great gift was not in vain. So, when we go out there to engage our world today, what if we made an effort to care for the feelings and needs of others? What if we ask the Lord to help us love our brothers too!


Dear Lord,

Go with us as we engage in the world around us. Help us share Your love to all our brothers and sisters, we pray!


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