Lay Down Our Lives

1st John 3:16 Lay Down Our Lives

This is how we know what love is: Jesus Christ laid down his life for us. And we ought to lay down our lives for our brothers. 1st John 3:16 NIV


They were now 20 days out to sea and halfway across the Ocean. Their boat had no sail and no motor. They had to row. The grocery store food ran out that day. They had planned to eat the heavier food first and then they would eat some rations of freeze-dried camping food someone had given them. They thought that the supply would be enough to survive the rest of the crossing. But as they opened up the first packet, they realized their miscalculation. They had enough for half that time and half as many people if they were not doing any strenuous activity like rowing. Their chances of survival did not look good. Are we willing to lay down our lives?

The two old friends discussed their predicament. They needed to catch fish to survive. They had been fishing since the start and caught nothing. But now, if they didn´t catch, they would die! They were still about 20 days away from the nearest shore. Finally, they agreed that whoever outlived the other, would eat the other one in the hopes that at least one would survive. God is not asking us to risk our lives foolishly. He is asking us to be willing to care for the souls of others instead of thinking only of ourselves. Those men both survived. The Lord sent fish. If we walk close enough to Jesus, we can have His heart in us. We can learn to care more for our brothers. We can lay down our personal agendas and do what we can to save the lives of our brothers and sisters. Shall we pray that we lay down our lives long enough to be there for each other?


Dear Lord,

Give us hearts like Yours! Help us lay down our busy lives and leap at the chance to care for those around us, we pray!



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