God Is Love

1st John 4:8 God Is Love

Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love.  1st John 4:8 NIV


Daybreak found a small group of friends climbing up into the Southern Californian hills on their mountain bikes. They rode shoulder to shoulder up steep fire-break roads to the top of a canyon enjoying each other´s company. After a quick break to take in the beautiful scenery, they hit the trail they had come to ride together. The single track dropped into the steep walls of the canyon and followed they dry stream bed back down the hills and into the haze of the valley below. The bikes quickly picked up speed as the rode in single file. It was not long and the leader took a turn too wide and came tumbling back down onto the trail. Not long after that each of the others had their turn at tumbling. At times, one would cause the other behind them to fall as there was no time for them to stop or any way to avoid them on the narrow path. What ways have we experienced that our God is Love?

The friends enjoyed the drop so much that they hurried back up the hill to ride the trail all over again. God is love! He loves us! This is one of the most significant discoveries available to mankind. But the significance does not stop there. Because God is love, wherever true unselfish love is found, God is there. The Lord is here with us and loving us in every beautiful sunrise or sunset. He is here in every hug, every shared special moment, and in every warm smile. So, if we get the chance to do something we love with someone we love, or if we only get to remember a moment that we did, shall we thank our Heavenly Father for all the love we have in our lives?


Dear Lord,

Thank You for showing us so much love! Let us recognize Your love all around and go on to share it too, we pray!


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