The Unseen

1st John 4:12 The Unseen

No one has ever seen God; but if we love one another, God lives in us and his love is made complete in us. 1st John 4:12


He was really good at hiding. In his small rural school, there were not a lot of places to hide, but the children loved to play kick the ball. The ball was placed in the center of the playground and the person who was “it,” counted while everyone else hid. Nobody knew how he did it, but this boy was almost always the last one caught. The kids that were already found counted on him because he often found a way to sneak out and run to kick the ball. This set them all free. He was their hero. Have we got an Unseen friend that we count on who is always there to set our hearts free?

We are told in the Bible much about God and how real and present He is in our lives. Unfortunately, though, we cannot yet just open our eyes and let them rest on His figure. For that, we will have to wait. Like the children in the playground, we have One who is there, just beyond where we can see. Our Lord is waiting expertly for the right moment to save us. The precious few who choose to give God the credit for being who He says He is, open their hearts to Him. This simple act of faith in the Unseen God enables Him to move in our lives. The colder hearted brothers, who refuse to believe do not lend their hearts to God. They turn down the chance to know Him. Praise the Lord, that there are some that do. These are the ones whose hearts are set free to love one another as God moves freely in them. Shall we pray that our hearts are opened today to let the love of the Unseen complete in us and set hearts these hearts free forever?


Dear Lord,

Help us open our hearts to You each day. Then come, move powerfully and set our hearts free to love each other, we pray!


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