Grace, Mercy, and Peace

2nd John 1:3 Grace, Mercy and Peace

Grace, mercy and peace from God the Father and from Jesus Christ, the Father’s Son, will be with us in truth and love. 2nd John 1:3 NIV


A missionary man was invited out into one of the tribal lands to a church camp meeting. Many natives from the villages nearby came to hear the Word of God, to sing songs, and to worship together. The man took along his sons. They were just boys and loved being out in the country. This was one of the first times that they really came into contact with the people from the tribe. They were introduced to people who had taken Christian names. They met people who were called Grace, Hope, Mercy, and Peace. From them, they learned songs they had sung back home, but in the tribal language. Do we count it a special thing to share the good fortune of having the Father and the Son with others?

The Bible is sometimes called the book of promises. There is so much written there to inspire us and direct our attention to the most amazing future with the most infinitely exciting family. We can have hope, grace, and mercy come to us and be with us always. They may not be the names of the people we worship alongside. But our voices can rise up with theirs in praise to the Almighty. We can soar on the clouds of glory as we learn the new songs of adoration. They will be songs we heard before but in a new and beautiful Way. The greatest promise that the Bible holds for us is that we can have both the Father and the Son. They can be with us forever! This hope can be ours! May we come to know grace and peace today too, as we draw near to our Lord and Savior!


Dear Lord,

Give us grace, peace, hope, and a warm family around us to enthrall our hearts as we turn our attention to You, we pray!



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