Walking in the Truth

2nd John 1:4 Walking in the Truth

It has given me great joy to find some of your children walking in the truth, just as the Father commanded us. 2nd John 1:4 NIV


Outside of town, there was a National Park. It was a reserve for a wild and beautiful part of the country. Towering rock structures stuck out of the African bushland. A small group set out on a walk. One of the men knew where a family of White Rhinos was living and they wanted to go and see them. So, they left the cars and started walking. It was a warm day and the African sun beat down upon the small group of adventurers. Soon, the children began to complain of thirst. They only had one small bottle of water for eight or nine people. When the time finally came to stop and have a drink, the smallest boy was so thirsty he nearly drank the whole flask himself. What is our walk like today?

There is a lot of speculation over beliefs and whole lot of resistance to the truth of Jesus Christ. But there is only one thing that really matters. We do not need to prove that the Bible is true, it only needs to be true in us. When the mysterious Holy Spirit moves inside the heart of a person, and that person realizes it, then Truth visits that person. We come to know Jesus Christ personally. We begin a walk with Him. It may make us very thirsty indeed. When we actually do taste the Savior, we will want more of Him! We will want to walk with Him into every adventure that the Holy Spirit will offer us! There is nothing on earth like walking with Jesus. Nobody who refuses to believe will be able to take away our joy. Shall we set out now and expect to experience a great thirst too?


Dear Lord,

Let us experience the joy that comes from walking with You. Just let us thirst for You and know Your Truth in us, we pray!


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