Running Ahead

2nd John 1:9 Running Ahead

Anyone who runs ahead and does not continue in the teaching of Christ does not have God; whoever continues in the teaching has both the Father and the Son.  2nd John 1:9


A quick tap on the roof of the pickup and the driver brought the vehicle to a stop. The spotlight was shining to the right side through the trees and shrubs. Dozens of eyes reflected in the strong beam as the antelope´s eyes were dazed by its glare. The youths who were riding in the back of the pickup all leaped out. They started running through the tall grass in the direction of the glowing eyes. They wanted to try to catch one of these impalas that were the size of a deer with their bare hands. The blinded animals could hear them coming but did not know which way to run. A couple of the faster running boys were hard on the heels of the herd when it did finally scatter into the trees and the safety of the darkness. But from this distance, they found themselves without light. Fear gripped them, for now, they were the ones who could not see and could easily run into danger. Have we ever charged so far ahead that we failed to stay in the Light?

Those who cling to their faith and their walk with Christ will have His Father and ours to look after them. God will be with us. We can have our claim on Him. We can see our Way through these dark times if we remain in the Light of Jesus. If we run ahead or off in any other direction, then blackness and danger are all we will see. So from now on, let´s stay in good company. Let´s run close to our brothers and sisters and full in the Light of the World!


Dear Lord,

Help us stay close to You! In our dark world full of danger, let no one take away our bond with You! Shine on us so that we will always be in Your Light that comes from above, we pray!



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