Have Been Called

Jude 1:1 Have Been Called

Jude, a servant of Jesus Christ and a brother of James, To those who have been called, who are loved by God the Father and kept by Jesus Christ:  Jude 1:1 NIV


He was just a child when it all started. He noticed that there were times when his heart raced too much. Often it happened when he was doing some kind of sport. But it was uncontrollable. His parents took the boy to see the doctor. He could not explain it. The pulsations were too quick. They wanted to do more tests. The specialists hooked him up to a monitor that would read the over-accelerated heartbeat. They needed to find a solution because it was so high that they could not explain why he did not drop down dead. Is there any unexplainable sign in our lives that shows we have been called by God to be His?

More than 20 years have gone by and that child has grown into a man. He still sees specialists, but they have not given him a solution. Many people today go to great lengths not to consider where we stand with the Lord. We often try not to hear a still, soft voice that is booming in our ears. The call of Jesus Christ for us to come unto Him is a real one. It is not just a call to file into a church each week. It is a call to get to know the One who created us and sacrificed much to save us. But we will need to grow ears that hear. We will need to learn to read the signs. Is there a haunting notion somewhere deep inside that would show us our need for a Savior? Let´s take a moment and see if our heart is racing now. Maybe today could be the start of the most exciting relationship of our lives as we get to know the Maker of the Stars!


Dear Lord,

Open our ears to hear Your call. Let us recognize Your voice and be moved to come and get to know You like never before!



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