The Holy Spirit

Jude 1:2 The Holy Spirit

But you, dear friends, build yourselves up in your most holy faith and pray in the Holy Spirit.  Jude 1:20 NIV


They wanted to put a well on the property. They just needed to find the right place to put it. The tribal people had an old way of telling where the water was. So they decided to try it. They took a forked stick and held onto the two branches. With the larger main trunk of the stick pointing in front of them, they began walking around the property. This was usually the witchdoctor´s job as he would be the one most in tune with the stick. The legend had it, that when you walked over the place where the water could be found, the stick would dip down and point to the spot where the well should be dug. They walked around the property for some time wondering if they were doing it right. How do we feel about seeking the Holy Spirit in our lives?

In some places, this old divining trick is still practiced. We do not have to go and find a stick to place our faith in spirits. Many people are superstitious of numerous little things. Some people have to put one shoe on before the other one or try not to step on a crack. All the while, we have been told that there is a most intelligent Entity, just waiting for us to listen for His still small voice. The Holy Spirit is not there only to help us find water, He would be there to help us find our way through this life and the next. He cares more about us than we do ourselves. Those who would like to get to know Him may have to prepare themselves for walking with Him a lot. But it could be the most exciting engagement we have ever set ourselves to! Let´s go!


Dear Lord,

Blow us away with millions of thrilling revelations of Your Spirit each and every day as we seek You, we pray!



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