How We See Others

Jude 1:16 How We See Others

These men are grumblers and faultfinders; they follow their own evil desires; they boast about themselves and flatter others for their own advantage.  Jude 1:16 NIV


A man went on a trip with his two brothers. They drove up to visit relatives in another state. They left their advanced metropolitan society behind them and entered the farmlands and wide-open spaces. At an intersection where you could see for miles in each direction, they stopped for fuel. The man left his brothers to pump the gas while he went inside to pay. The people in the shop were different from those back in the city. They wore hats, jeans, and boots. He asked the man at the counter how much he owed but the guy did not hear him. He was staring out the window. The man slowly looked around at all the other people in the shop. They too were staring out the window at the man´s brothers outside. He too glanced out at them. One of his brothers had recently shaved off his hair and was still almost a shiny blue bald color. The other had long flowing red hair that fell below his shoulders. Both had goatees that hung down to their chests. They would not have looked out of place back home. But here, they froze the whole scene. How do we view others?

The mark of a person that has found Christ and made an effort to get to know Him is that they do not see with earthly eyes. Just as Christ looks at what is in a man´s heart, we can learn to look for it too as we turn our heart´s gaze from us to them. Before we judge another person, could we first look to Jesus to see what He sees?


Dear Lord,

Teach us to look to You! As we focus our lives and our attention on You, help us start to see what You see and feel with Your great heart, we pray!



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