Jesus Bring Us Home

Jude 1:21 Jesus Bring Us Home

Keep yourselves in God’s love as you wait for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ to bring you to eternal life.  Jude 1:21 NIV


He was a modern-day prodigal son. He and his brothers and sisters had grown up eating at the Father´s table. He had been taught what was right and wrong. But the world started calling to him. He threw away everything he had with his family to chase the world and the dreams he had for himself out there. His Father must have been sad to watch him leave. It was not until he found himself far from home and all alone before he stopped to examine his life. He realized that he never really knew his Father. He knew he needed to rectify his actions. He recognized the hunger deep inside that he had no way of filling. He missed his brothers and sisters too. He had to make a plan to come back home. Have we ever let the world distract us and lead us too far from our Heavenly Father too?

The man in did make a turn. He began the journey. He has not made it all the way back into his Father´s arms just yet. He had to find a Guide because he could not find his Way on his own. Fortunately, he started walking with his Savior. Jesus did not hit him over the head for all the wrong turns he had made. He simply said that He forgave the man and He was sure that His Father would do the same. So now the man has a hope growing within his heart that one day soon the journey will lead down the last stretch and he will see his Father eyes searching to see him coming. His heart mounts up with the hope that he will soon be reaching for those open arms. He prays his brothers and sisters will forgive him for not staying and helping them when they needed him too.


Dear Lord,

Forgive us, for ever wandering away from You! Please, help us all now come home to Your outstretched arms, we pray!


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