More Treasures

More Treasures

God performed an amazing act of love towards us. Jesus died on the cross to pay for our choice of turning away from God´s will and doing our own thing. It was the most priceless gift. We could easily accept that gift and sing our songs of victory. But there is so much more in that Gift than just an old debt paid. There is life abundant for those who step forward and press on! There are a million thrilling realizations and many more discoveries of His wonder and grace that we can still make! Rejoice! Of, course! But move on! Seek more of the endless Prize! Each day can bring new intimacy in our relationship with Jesus! Each moment can bring more awareness of His presence and movement! Each new discovery can blow us away and leave us breathless before the Lord! Shall we come again to Christ with the attitude and the hunger for Him that will gain us more of our Lord in our lives right now?


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