The Teacher´s Word for Today

Matthew 22:42

There are a few questions that we can ask ourselves that have more importance than most other ones in life. For example, what flavor of ice-cream we choose will not compare with whether or not we choose to have compassion on someone who is in need. Then Jesus asks us a whopper! He asks us what we think of Christ. What do we do with that question? Many people will reject the idea of spending any time pondering it. Others will brush off the subject completely. Others may give a quick answer giving Him importance and even tying themselves to Him by saying that they are Christians. But, there is another sort of person. This miracle to modern man will actually stop what he or she is doing. They will let the idea overshadow them and haunt them. They will seek out a quiet place. They will need to be alone with the One who is asking. They will sense a deep need inside of them to pursue an intimate knowledge, not from books, but from time spent and communion with the Savior. They will have heard that knowing the Son of God and coming close to Him will make or break any chances they will ever have in knowing the Father. They will soon realize that if they truly choose to get to know Christ, they will have to turn down the enticing calls to chase after fattening ourselves on the things this world has to offer. But something in their hearts will not let them turn down the chance we have of knowing the Son of God. He will be their crowned King forever! What kind of person will we choose to be?


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