Make God Happy

Make God Happy

People have a deep-seated desire to be appreciated by others. So intense is our desire that many times we let ourselves be influenced into thinking or acting a certain way because someone else thought that we should. Then God sent us His Son. Christ explained to us that we will not ever get saved by listening to anyone else. Instead, we are told to turn from chasing our ways and those things that others think that we should be doing. We need to drop everything. Then, we need to get to know the One single person that can ever truly help us. A personal relationship with Jesus is the only way to ever make it to Heaven, change our downward spiral, or to see God! He is the Way. Walking with Him we will find our instruction directly from Him as He feeds it to us in bite-sized pieces. He will lead us step-by-step, not in the direction of the noisy crowd, but in the quiet paths of the garden. If we will seek Him, if we are genuine, if we are insistent, we can come close to Him. The world may tell us that we are alone in our chosen path, but whoever has truly walked in the presence of the Son of God will testify that You are never alone when you are with Jesus! Follow Him, it is worth it!


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