The Almighty

Revelation 1:8 The Almighty

The economic crisis in their country had left them without work and then the arrival of their second baby kept her busy at home. They had to move to a new town when her husband found work. Years went by which did not look good on her resume, but she still sent them out. She had studied teaching back in school. However, she had never gone on to take the state exams which would allow her to work in the public school system. Her resume showed her studies but also showed that she had no experience in the field. Even so, one day the phone rang. She went for an interview. A private school hired her against all odds as the full-time teacher of a class. Has God ever shown us that He is still looking after us?

God above has His plans for our lives. There are times when we will have plenty, and times when we will have less. But, He wants us to know that He is still in control. He has been here since the beginning and will be here long after the end. If we look back, we can see how the Lord provided for us and brought us through every situation. He is here now! And, He will be there for us forever, reaching out to us with open arms! Shall we pray that our eyes are opened to see where the Lord is moving in our lives? Let us ask that we are always found safely and deliberately inside of the capable hands of our Savior and our God?


Dear Lord,

Give us reminders all the time of how You provide for us. Then let us be grateful and seek to be near You, the First and Last and the greatest part of our lives, we pray!



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