In the Spirit


Revelation 1:10 In the Spirit

I was in the Spirit on the Lord’s day, and I heard behind me a loud voice, like a trumpet  Revelation 1:10  WEB


They happened to know the lead singer of the band. Years back they had met the casual guy in a park where they had taken their children to play. The singer also had a boy and as the children played they got to know each other slightly. Then one day they had gone to a restaurant that had live music. Their new friend was the one who was singing. After that, they enjoyed many occasions attending his concerts until eventually, the singer moved away. Several years went by and then one day they got word that the singer was back in town and was giving a special show. Of course, the family happily went to see him. During one of the breaks in the show, they pushed through the crowd and got the singer´s attention. He gladly came over to talk to them and take pictures together. Have we ever met the Lord in Spirit?

We may not always be aware of it but every person we meet gives off certain kinds of vibes. Some people can make us feel irritated or bored, and others bring a thrilling sensation and joy just to be around them. People who deliberately seek the presence of God and try to actually place themselves before Him will know something about this thrilling sensation. The more time spent in the presence of the Almighty, the sweeter are these moments of mingling spirits. Being around our Lord in prayer and in studying His word, lets His Spirit speak to us, affect us, and fill us with love. Who on earth would not like to come to know God´s Spirit and let themselves spend time together with Him in spirit too!


Dear Lord,

Let us experience today what it is like to stand before You! Thrill us with Your presence in our lives, we pray!



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