The Son of Man

Revelation 1:13 Son of Man

And among the lampstands was one like a son of man, clothed with a robe reaching down to his feet, and with a golden sash around his chest.  Revelation 1:13  WEB


The little girl obediently did what her parents wanted her to do. She attended church until she had her first communion. They taught her of God, the traditions of their religion and of Jesus Christ. Unfortunately, though, she never came to know the Son of God personally. To her, He was a character from the pages of a book or a name that was used in her region to give weight to certain people´s views. There were many images and pictures for her to look at. But there was nobody who could show her who He was and help her come to know Him personally. Have we met Jesus in a real encounter ourselves?

If we are waiting for a chance to meet a physical person who is walking around and talking to people in our day whose name is Jesus, we may meet someone. But, he will not be the spiritual Victor who paid the ransom for our lives. If we are looking to find statues or images, there will be many to find too. But, if we want to meet Jesus for real, if we want to get to know the Son of God ourselves, we will have to humble ourselves. We will have to move ourselves to seek Him. We will need to get down on our knees and actually begin to speak with Him. We can still encounter Christ today! Shall we start learning of Him and seeking Him with an actual intention to get to know Him now?


Dear Lord,

We want to believe that we have a Savior, but there are many things that would keep us from knowing You. Please draw us near and show us how real You can be in our lives, we pray!



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