Good Beginnings

Good Beginning

So many times we start out with the best intentions and hope to make something grand out of our lives. This we can do with our spiritual life too. But when it comes to our dealings with God, we don´t want our walk with Him to turn out like so many New Year´s resolutions that just get forgotten when they don´t turn out to much. So, what can we do so that this bond we have with the Lord continues to grow? Well, first of all, we need to make it more important than our other issues. We need to realize that God is here and sees every decision that we make. We can run everything by Him and include Him, or, we can press on by ourselves as we always have. If we include Him, then our relationship can grow as we let Him take part in each of life´s facets. We could probably do with His insight and providential care anyways! Shall we invite Him in and give it our best to stay with Him whatever the outcome may be?



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