Two-Edged Sword


Revelation 2:12 Two-Edged Sword

“To the angel of the assembly in Pergamum write: “He who has the sharp two-edged sword says these things:  Revelation 2:12  WEB


A foreign lady came to live in a small town in an outlying area of America. You could tell she was not from here as soon as she opened her mouth. She was like a breath of fresh air and the people took to her instantly for her sweet character and her child-like sense of humor. The townsfolk were often curious about what had brought this newcomer to live in their town. Their next question to her would almost always be which church or religion she belonged to. This question was never made to make her feel uncomfortable, but it did. People simply wanted to know a little more about her and show a genuine interest in her. Yet for her, it seemed that they all had their secret club to belong to and that they were pointing out to her that she did not.

The Scriptures speak of One who truly has a two-edged sword. While speaking one thing here, His words have the power to say different things to the people who hear them. To some, His words cut like a knife. To others who hear the same words, they strengthen and build them up into safe confidence in Him. This Word condemns the guilty but at the same time saves forever the pure at heart. If we are people with shady or selfish purposes, the One who has the two-edged sword will sound like a threat to us. But, if we can be child-like and humble the word of Christ can build us up and sustain us no matter what the future holds! Shall we draw near and listen to Him now?


Dear Lord,

The sound of Your voice and Your words can cut us or keep us. Please let us be among those who rejoice to hear, we pray!



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