The Morning Star

Revelation 2:28 the Morning Star

and I will give him the morning star.  Revelation 2:28  WEB


The young man and young woman met far from their homes where they were working in a different country. Their love grew over time until one day he asked a friend to give him a lift to the jewelry store. There, he selected out a ring. It was not an expensive ring. It was quite simple but it had a few tiny diamonds embedded in it that to him shone like little stars. It was more what they signified that gave them worth. His ride had left so he started walking back to their village. After a recent surgery, this was the first time he really put his healing leg to the test, but his love for her drove him on. He took her to dinner. They strolled home along a quiet lake. There, he sat her down and. went down on one knee. He offered her the ring. Even in the dim light of the evening, the tiny diamonds shone like little stars in her eyes. Do we know there is someone who wants to give us something too?

Not everyone wants it. Not everyone hears the still, small words. Not everyone listens for the voice of our Lord whispering to us of a life with Him. Yet Jesus has gone out on a limb. He has gone far out of His way to make us His. He promises to be with us forever, to protect us and to care for us. Those precious souls who will let themselves feel for Him can receive His gifts of love. He will give us the morning star! A priceless gift is waiting for us. No one can imagine what shiny joy could be ours if we would just say “yes” to our Savior! Shall we now?


Dear Lord,

You have loved us and promised us the star. Now help us to respond to Your love and say “yes” with all our hearts to Your invitation to come away with You forever, we pray!



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