Loving Service

Revelation 2:19 Loving Service

“I know your works, your love, faith, service, patient endurance, and that your last works are more than the first.   Revelation 2:19  WEB


Marriage can be work sometimes to keep the tenderness alive and not focus on the annoying aspects of the partner. One couple found this out early on. They both liked to keep their nest clean, but she took the job more seriously. He was used to doing certain chores once a week while she would do them each day. It pained her to always remind him of the little things that needed doing. He wanted to keep her happy, but he struggled to think of the house chores before she did. Most times, she would just set herself to doing the bulk of the work without bothering him with it again. Do we know someone who faithfully continues to do her kind works of love and service?

Mothers are one of God´s greatest miracles. When marriage places a load of duties upon them, having children places even more. Yet, the world over, there are mothers out there sacrificing their own comforts to provide and care for their family. Christ gave us a picture of sacrifice and love for all God´s children to follow. The Father values more the selfless giver than the Christian who speaks loudly of their devotion or grand works and beliefs. He sees even the things we do in secret. Could we all pray for the same selfless love and service that mothers have and ask the Lord to build us up in patient endurance too?


Dear Lord,

Let us fall in love with You and stay that way! Give us perseverance to follow You in all that we do, we pray!



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