With Him in White

Revelation 3:4 With Him in White

Nevertheless you have a few names in Sardis that did not defile their garments. They will walk with me in white, for they are worthy.  Revelation 3:4  WEB


The wedding went wonderfully and after taking photos and laughter, the whole party followed the car with the rattling cans to where the celebration dinner would be held. There were more photos and more goofiness and then the family and guests followed the bride into the hall to the tables. Everything was perfect. The bride found her spot at the head of the table and found bottles of water and wine already set out in decoration. She grabbed a bottle of wine, making a joke with her bridesmaids, then hoisted it up to her face as if to drink directly from it. The bottle was open! Rich red wine instantly poured out all over her face and the beautiful creamy white dress! Are we walking with the Lord in white or could we still be more than a little stained?

The maître was there in an instant with some special spray and the stains were magically removed. The wedding dinner turned out to be a wonderful time spent in the delightful company and joyful celebration. Our Savior has given us the chance to set our hopes on walking with Him. He says that some will miraculously be cleansed to perfectly unblemished white. There, walking together with Him, His chosen ones will be free to enjoy the company of the God of Heaven! It will take a turn from our ways to His. We will need to be cleansed by His blood. But He has prepared everything! He wants to do it! Who wants to be made worthy to walk with Him?


Dear Lord,

Perform a miracle today. Wipe away our disbelief and our worldly stained ways. Make us clean so that we can walk with You forever in white, we pray!



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