Revelation 3:10 Endure

Because you kept my command to endure, I also will keep you from the hour of testing, which is to come on the whole world, to test those who dwell on the earth.  Revelation 3:10


A young couple found themselves in that awkward stage of starting out a new life together. They had nothing to speak of and were not sure where to plant roots. Something took them to a town some distance from any of their family and friends, which would mean they would have little help beginning this new life. To make their predicament more complicated, the whole world entered into an economic crisis just about that time. It seemed that their story would not have such a happy ending. But they had hope. God was looking after them. If they were made to endure, it would be by Divine help. Can Lord see our humble trust in Him and is He moved to sustain us too?

There is a kind of simple trust in the Lord that lets humans like us depend on God for our needs. It is not an attitude that is taught to us these days by our busy societies. They would send us out to chase after our dreams and find our own successes. Yet, those who look to Jesus, those who will press on seeking to know Him and be with Him throughout each of life´s situations, will be allowed to endure. The rest will have their gains and their treasures they work hard to attain. But some will have sought their Savior first. We can be among them. We can choose today to look where the Lord is moving in and around us. No matter what the world is going through or how bleak our situation may seem, Christ will be near us. Then, when all will be at its worst, we will still have hope!


Dear Lord,

As the world around us chases everything else, help us to choose You and become inseparably close to You, we pray!



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