The Teacher´s Word for Today

Matthew 23:26

A whole lot of time and effort on our part is used up in an effort to look like we are children of God. We may say the right words and follow the line of the religion we feel is the closest to words written in the Bible. But God´s intentions for us lie much deeper than all that. He wants to be the single most important element to every part of our lives. This is impossible no matter how much tinkering we do on ourselves. It can only come through a death to ourselves. It is an actual experience each one must live through as painfully as it sounds. But when the shift and our sacrifice have actually been made, there comes new life! The Savior raises up a new creation in us! True worshippers are born that would suffer any cost to see their Lord and others lifted up! These are made clean through the blood of Jesus Christ! Shall we pray that we can be among those carefully chosen few?


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