The Teacher´s Word for Today

Matthew 23:39

Many people groan that they cannot see God. They say that it is difficult for them to believe in an invisible Entity. They struggle to feel near their Heavenly Father or to sense the reality of the Savior´s gift of love. Some go so far as to try to set their hope in above but become frustrated when all they find is religious structure or opinionated authorities pushing them to think or act like them. But, our shortcomings do not prove that God is far away from us or inaccessible. When the all-wise God set the limits for mankind, He showed us His love, His plan, and His hopes for us. Then He gave us a simple chore. That task was to look to Him. He made it known to us that the world would try to steal our Prize from us. Look at it as a test of faith. Those who set their hopes without any other earthly thing to back them up, do stand a chance to win an eternal walk with the King of Kings and Lord of Lords! Our Prize is waiting, let no one steal Christ from us!


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