The Real Pull

The Real Pull.

When Christians urge others to come into the fold and join them in worshiping the Lord, try not to give in to the enemy´s attack and see your future in earthly terms. Your call is not merely to join in another human endeavor. If you can see past the worldly grouping and organizations, you will actually see an open door in Heaven where God is seated on His throne. The call is coming directly from Him. Too many people before us did not keep this truth clear in their heads and carried on walking as if this world was all we see. But there are some precious few who refuse to look at the failures and inconsistencies of our current home. They set their eyes and their hearts on what they cannot yet see. They start growing a relationship with the Divine with however small steps they are given to take. Their hope mounts up within them as they learn more and more of God. They become more and more engulfed in what is growing between them and Jesus and less and less concerned about the scene they find here. What will be the draw for us?


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