What it Takes

What it Takes

It can get tough sometimes. We struggle here and there all the time. We may dream of an easier life, but the Bible warns that it won´t always be easy. Yet there is a bright light piercing through the dark clouds that would threaten us. His name is Jesus. He has already done much on His part to become the biggest part of our lives. If we respond to His invitation to an intimate walk with Him, He assures us that everything will work out for the best. This does not mean that we get every earthly wish our self-centered hearts set themselves on. But it does mean that our new budding relationship with the Almighty God will grow. It assures of a front-row seat to watch our Savior work wonders and miracles all around. It also assures us of an endless future of marvelous discoveries of the One we love! Shall we start cultivating that kind of relationship today?


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