The Teacher´s Word for Today


Matthew 24:5

They may sound really good. Their doctrines may sound correct and Biblical. But, if their words do not open a door between our God and us, if they do not draw us into a closer relationship to Christ, then their words are leading us astray. Their words are meant to sound pleasing. Their words are intended to make us feel like we are actually doing what God wants from us. But, once again, if they do not make us need our Lord more, if they don´t throw us upon God as our Savior and Guide, then we have been tricked. Dear friends, let´s make an effort today to step beyond any shallow or deceiving thought and press on into the very presence of God. Let us kneel humbly before the Lord and ask for help in turning our wayward heart to seek the Savior in every moment of our lives!


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