The Book

Revelation 5-1 The Book

I saw, in the right hand of him who sat on the throne, a book written inside and outside, sealed shut with seven seals.  Revelation 5:1  WEB


“Do you read it?” they asked. The people standing at the gate were asking if the people who lived in this house read the Bible. The lady holding the door searched for a suitable answer. She knew some of the stories written in the Scriptures from her former church-going days, but she had never made it a mission of hers to read if for herself. She could see that the friendly couple was offering to come in and open up the pages and have a look with her. She was far too busy for that then. She knew from experience that there would be a structured sales pitch and then an invitation to join them at a weekly meeting. So, in the end, she politely excused herself and returned to her chores. Is the book that is held up for us being opened unto us?

Jesus came to earth in a time and a place where people spoke much and held really important their great book too. Much time and effort was spent on deciphering and defining what was written there. Yet Christ came as the true voice of what was written there. In fact, the book spoke primarily about Him. The Book, the Scriptures, the Holy Bible that is held out for us today sets the scene and shows us our human need of a Savior. It shows us what Christ is like and gives us the words He wants us to hear. Then it gives us hope of a future together with God. We may not think we have time to hear about it or need to listen to someone else´s version of it, but can we really afford to brush off “The Book?”


Dear Lord,

Open up the words of Your Book for us anew. Let us hear just what You want us to hear of You for today, we pray!



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