Open the Book

Revelation 5:4 Open the Book

And I wept much, because no one was found worthy to open the book, or to look in it.  Revelation 5:4  WEB

His parents sat in the congregation along with the rest of the church. Their son was sitting up near the pulpit with his hands tucked under his legs and swinging his feet which did not reach the floor. When it was his turn, the book was opened and he stepped up to the pulpit. The microphone was adjusted as far as it could go to reach down to the little guy. Then, in a clear sweet voice that surprised the crowd, the child read the verse from the Bible. People around remarked at the clarity and fine pronunciation with which the boy portrayed the Word of God. His parents beamed in pride as they knew how much effort the youngster had made to be able to read the Scripture so well. Yet for all the fine human effort, how many people that heard it that day do we think were truly able to see God´s message opened up to them through it?

We are living in a day and age where the Bible and good Christian theology are more easily available to everyone. With the advancements in technology few people anywhere need to go without the blessing of hearing or reading God´s message to the world. Yet for all that is available to us, the meaning, the voice of the Holy Spirit is not exactly opened to all for us to understand. The unrepentant world will never be able to see the message wrapped up in the Word until their hearts are turned. We could sense more than just high sentiments for human efforts if we only would learn to look beyond it all and focus upon the God who is speaking to us through them. Shall we humble ourselves and try?


Dear Lord,

Give us hearts to hear Your voice! Let us learn to listen for and to pray that Your words are opened to us by Your Spirit!



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