The Teacher´s Word for Today

Matthew 24:6

If we watch the news or even just take a look around us at the poor situation of things, we may start feeling down. Some people may even be tempted to wonder where God is in the face of all this distress, crime, and calamity. Yet He has spoken of it beforehand. He wanted us to know what to expect. Like a loving parent, he tried to prepare our hearts for the future which is what we see now as the present. His goal was to strengthen our faith. If we can see that God knew how terrible mankind and societies would become, then hopefully we will turn to Him in trust. We will approach Him as we can see that His eternal plans are running their course. We can kindle the spark of flame that burns inside of us to see His Kingdom restored and to see it with our own eyes. We do not need to know precisely when the end will come, only that it is approaching and make sure there is nothing in our hearts to keep us from our Lord in the end! Shall we pray for a growing urgency to make ourselves fully His while there is time?


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