Peace and Restlessness

Peace and Restlessness

We are made with a built-in desire to find peace and keep ourselves comfortably in that state. The Christian above all others is assured of their rights as a human to have just that. It is what we strive for, what is promised to us, and what we were designed to have. Peace is also something that sweeps over us the moment we begin to believe in the saving Grace of God through His Son Jesus Christ. It can make trembling and afflicted children who are otherwise helpless in the face of this world´s attack, strong and confident. We rest assured that Christ loves us and that near Him, our outcome is secure. But while the peace that knowing God brings is filling us with hope, a strong sense of restlessness can and will accompany us. This does not mean that we have little faith. It is here to keep us needing our Savior and not becoming confident in ourselves. With Jesus, we can make it! If we allow any distance to separate us, then we lose our right to that promised peace! So, while our peace found in God grows, let´s hold on to our restlessness and use it to grow our need to be right where our Lord is at all times!


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