The Elders Worship

Revelation 5:14 The Elders Worship

The four living creatures said, “Amen!” The elders fell down and worshiped.  Revelation 5:14  WEB


It was grandma´s favorite time of the year. Christmas holiday brought her children that had moved further away back into their mother´s nest. Her children brought their children and the family was united again for a few days. They enjoyed meals together, played games, and sat around for hours catching up and chatting. It was a festive time and there was much to do in preparing food and providing for a full house. Yet right in the middle of the chaotic scramble, grandma still slipped out the door for a while. It was time for her to go and pray. She made her way down to the local church. She bowed her head and offered up each of her precious family to God in prayer. She gave herself, her service, and her love for those she loved, but her giving was not complete until she had gone to God to ask Him to be there for them all. What kind of elder will we be?

We all go through phases in life. When we are young we tend to think much of ourselves and spend our time trying to achieve our own dreams. As we grow in experience and in faith, we learn that there are more important things than just ourselves. Having children teaches us the joy of doing things for others. Maturing can also teach us the importance and gratitude we should have for all that the Lord does for us. Shall we pray that we can be like grandmother, and take all of our treasures to be deposited before God in humble yet powerful worship?


Dear Lord,

Teach us to be wise and bring all that we care about unto You! Accept our worship and offering and reassure us that all that we place in Your care will be in good hands, we pray!



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