The Teacher´s Word for Today

Matthew 24:9

Where have the days gone when it was taught to us that we would be persecuted for our faith? Nowadays, we think that we can and should win people over with our charm. We pray for others to like us. We spend our time yearning for a good name or reputation. Oh, if only we could get back to a time when our first concern was in seeking out the will of our Lord! Oh, if only we spent our time, not looking for our comfort or ease, but in enduring any cost to place us before our God. What a beautiful thing it would be in our Father´s eyes for Him to see His children seeking Him and whatever He is working on instead of just thinking of ourselves! If we could only see how far we have fallen, we could turn from our ways! Let us pray that we learn to care more about where we stand with God and less and less every day about where we stand in the eyes of men!


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