The Teacher´s Word for Today

Matthew 24:10

Have we ever found ourselves in a situation where we just simply did not fit in? It hurts us when we do. We may think that something is wrong. But our Lord tells us plainly that this will happen. We should see it and let our faith be strengthened. We can gain a sense of nearness to our God by letting His words lift us up in Hope. As we see our Savior´s words coming true in our lives, we can build up our trust in Him. We can find it much easier to let those cruel words and hurtful people have their opinions of us. We can lean harder on the One we set our hope on. We can grow our relationship with Christ as we turn from focusing on the painful rejection or protecting our all-too-precious egos. Bringing Jesus into the full focus of our day will lift our spirits and set our eyes on seeing Him soon! So, shall we leave all the promised hate, back-stabbing and stumbling behind? Let´s look past all that and set our hearts on reaching God´s outstretched arms!


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