Christian´s Strength

Christian´s Strength

When life is at its worst and our earthly troubles are greater than we can bear, that is when true Christians find strength. Peace can come to them even as the storm rages all around us. We are not swept away by our fears or our pain. But our strength miraculously does not well up from our own resources. It comes from exchanging our weaknesses and placing ourselves entirely in the Lord´s care. Come what may, we are safe through our struggle because things are not as they seem. Earthly pain does not hurt us because we are immersing ourselves in our God who is above our world. We are found in Him through our humble trust and therefore sense His presence, His power, and His plan unfolding for us. If we feel down today, use that helplessness to lean on our strong Companion, King and Friend!


Christian courage consists in seeing the danger fully, reacting to it with human finitude and fear, and yet being willing to face the dangerous situation for Christ or for a brother, through God´s support.  Keith Miller (A Second Chance)


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