Seek God!

Seek God!

When we say that we will turn from our ways and seek the Lord, let us be careful and not add a method, a manor, or a list of things to do or not do. The notion is good and pure, but when we start to add our solutions we begin to stray from the real work that needs to be done. Our goal in drawing close to our Savior is assured when we do not rely on those human externals that we add to our intention. We need to turn. We need to seek. We need to find the Holy Spirit and tune ourselves to what we find in Him. The Spirit of God will define for us the methods at the moment He would have us do them. But our success will not come from the methods but by our obedience and intense desire to be right where God is moving. So, it is the bond we seek and by not adding an “and” to our goal of seeking the Lord, we become true children of His by not skipping past the most important part of our faith. And that is seeking Him with all our heart and never settling for anything less than being with Him every moment of our days! Blessed be the seekers of the Lord!


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