The Teacher´s Word for Today

Matthew 24:13

One facet of our faith that we may often overlook these days is that of perseverance. There is a neat little idea that we hold that from the moment we have chosen to look to Jesus and call Him our Savior, the deal is sealed and we can relax. Yet there is no encouragement found in the Bible to support that kind of turn-key-religion. It is true that the moment we turn to Christ, we are covered by His atoning sacrifice. But it is not the end of our search. It is a beautiful beginning! From that moment on, our choice of placing Jesus at the center of our lives will be challenged. It will be merely words or wishful sentiments if we do not press forward and see that our lives do reflect that change. Every thought and decision we make from then on will prove or disprove that Christ is really our King. Sadly though, those honest enough to actually check their hearts leanings will see how the world creeps back in and distracts us from our lofty goal. This is the paradox that the true Christian faces. We find Christ one day, and then He becomes the only thing our heart can settle for. We make a choice to look to Him, then set off on the greatest quest of our lifetimes to seek Him in and around us from that moment on. The words of Jesus are clear. He who endures to the end will be saved. But only those who mad Christ that important! Where do we stand now?


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