The Teacher´s Word for Today

Matthew 24:14

We have been teaching for years that once the news of Jesus Christ was preached to all the corners of the earth, He would return. We hinged the Second Coming of Christ to this act. We made it the prerequisite. One could argue these days that this work has been done. The testimony of Jesus has been given. But, instead of the world turning to seek Him, what we find today is that people are growing tired of hearing about it. The name of Jesus is thrown around in many areas of the world as a common word. Many people associate it with the type of people who gather together in fanatical religious institutions. What should bring mankind to judgment and to repentance has been heard so many times that people everywhere have grown bored of hearing it. However, just like the other deadly plagues that bring devastation, this loss of importance of the One Thing we truly need is robbing mankind of their chance of coming safely home to God. We need to get back to the picture John paints for us of the end of time! We need to see the sad and urgent state of our world and see to it that a remnant of people will open their hearts. We need to fight off the boredom, and complacency that over-hearing has brought so that God will find eyes and hearts still searching diligently for His return! Let us not be caught unprepared!


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