Perfect Christians?

Christians are Not Perfect

What a fantastic blessing it is to witness the paradox of being a precious beautiful creation in God while we are still far from being perfect and need God´s mercy and strength each day! Standing near Christ does not mean that we have successfully faced and conquered each evil that would harm us. What it does mean is that we realized that there is some danger that we cannot hope to withstand alone. This makes us draw near our Savior with such a genuine need that we actually go through with what the dark forces would keep us from. We press on to seek and find our Lord each day! We will not rest until we see evidence of our bond and nearness to Christ. And because we need Jesus with us at all times, we have become precious beyond words! Angels and heavenly beings sing praise to God that we have seen our need and turned to Jesus! Our world needs more of these peculiar gems in the crown of God! Let´s do what it takes to make sure we are among them now!


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