The Teacher´s Word for Today

Matthew 24:18

In these last days, the hearts of men and women have gone out to our things. We work hard to gain a good income and then go on to fill our lives with all kinds of goodies. We may pay some kind of tribute to God with our lips and say that He is our God. But so many times we are more tied to the other things that fill up our lives and less worried about where we stand with the One we say we love. Real love does not focus on these lesser things. A heart truly turned to the Lord is one that makes every effort to look beyond all that this world holds out to us to distract us. A real worshipper is one whose heart aches inside and refuses to be satisfied to have less of God and more with this temporary home. So, if we hear the call of the Holy Spirit today, let us resist any thought of turning to think of our earthly things. Let us deliberately set our hearts, our eyes, and all our attention on Christ and let Him be our All!


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