Christ Transforms Us

Christ Transforms Us

There are trends of thought which are quite misleading that would have us think that being a Christian lies in accepting a name or following certain religious habits or notions. But a true Christian is someone who comes into contact with the Great, Unseen God. Our hearts go out to the One who tells us He loves us. These hearts leap up within us at the slightest chance of coming to know the Son of God who came to teach us, to save us, and to bring those who care into the loving arms of the Father. As we gladly undertake this new heart´s desire, we begin seeking the Savior each day. Our need for Him grows. We learn more of His love and movements all the time. We become consumed with being near Him and watching Him work. While we are distracted with this new love of our lives, the magic occurs. While we are looking for Him, paying attention to what He is up to and where He is moving, our own hearts are secretly being taught. We learn to care too. We learn to love others as His love rubs off on us! We care less and less about technicalities and burn with the desire to see and know more of the One we love! If we want to be better people, all we need to do is to grow closer to the Savior now!


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