The Teacher´s Word for Today

Matthew 24:21

Generations before us used to think more of a day when the Lord would pronounce His judgment upon the earth and bring our rulers to account for all the suffering they have caused upon their fellow men. People who have thought more of themselves were warned that they needed to consider God and how long He would permit them to continue to live like God would not see our selfish intentions.

Today we probably have grown tired of waiting and of hearing of a day where the righteous are in trouble of surviving. But the words of prophecy will hold us accountable for what we do when we hear. Some people, hear of a day of great oppression that will come right before God´s final judgment and are stirred by the warning. They hear anything that will herald the return of the Savior of their lives and begin to sense a tingle of excitement. How do we feel?

If we don´t feel anything, we should begin to worry. Our day of trouble may already be upon us! We might just be experiencing one of the devil´s last and greatest deceptions of all times! We might be in more danger than any other generation before! We may have this essential need to be close to Christ, stolen from us without us ever imagining that oppression has already come upon us! Perhaps we should stop right now and take a good hard look at the times in which we live! If we do, we might see that the people who would rather walk through their day with their eyes on Jesus instead of on our enticing world are few and far between! Shall we pray that the Lord will open our eyes now? Shall we pray that we will stand right by our Savior through the greatest oppression man has ever known – be it subtle or not?


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