How Long?

Revelation 6:9 How Long

They cried with a loud voice, saying, “How long, Master, the holy and true, until you judge and avenge our blood on those who dwell on the earth?”  Revelation 6:10  WEB


Most days she was really strong. But some days, she felt the weight of her life bearing down on her and her little family. The decisions they had made about which jobs to take and where to live had left them always starting out. The times they lived through also had financial low points where whole economies were struggling and people were let off. So, when she thought about where they stood, she could only cry out, “How long will it be before we can lift our heads above the rising water?” She just needed to feel like all their struggles were getting her family somewhere. She needed to see that her and her husband´s careers were stabilizing. Do we ever want to cry out, “How long Lord” too?

The apostle John describes the souls of all the people who were killed for their belief in the Son of God and His word. He shows how they cry out to the Father wanting to know how long he will let injustice continue. If we really do love the Lord and are close to His heart, we too will be yearning for all the bad to be dealt with and put away forever. This is what He wants and is working on. We do not need to pray for an easy road to travel. We still live in troubled times. But what we could be, and should be praying for, is that God will find the full and correct moment to wipe away all His children´s tears. Let us pray for the swift end to our wait and that the Lord will come to take us home to be with Him!


Dear Lord,

The world is overflowing with pain and deceit. Please do not delay, but come soon to gather Your children who have set their hopes in You. Take us into Your arms forever, we pray!



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