Pilgrimage or Program

Pilgrimage or Program

A miracle occurs deep in the heart of the believer who sets their hope on seeing the face of Jesus and entering the eternal embrace of God. We step out of the parade of the ways of men. We set ourselves on a journey of soul. We become transformed as we go from one kind of person to a place where we stand always with God. To achieve what the Lord is working on inside of us, the remedy is not simply to be a part of a good program. Christians should be clear on the fact that we are called firstly into a relationship with the Divine! We can benefit immensely from being part of a good church family. But this pilgrimage in our hearts from being worldly oriented beings to becoming children of the eternal Kingdom of God is something we gain step by step walking with the Savior. Far too often we place our confidence in a system, a doctrine, or a group we have found and stop seeking to go the distance with the only One who will bring us safely Home! Let us pray today that we gain some ground in our relationship with Christ, and in this Way grow closer to our goal of reaching our Father´s open arms!


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