Sealed for God

Revelation 7:3 Sealed for God

saying, “Don’t harm the earth, neither the sea, nor the trees, until we have sealed the bondservants of our God on their foreheads!”  Revelation 7:3  WEB


Grandma sat in the back seat near her newborn grandson. Suddenly the wheels lost their traction on the snow-covered surface of the road. The driver cried out in a panic. The pickup began to slide sideways down the deserted street. Her friend was sitting in the passenger seat. He could not do much except to calm her down and reassure her. He put his hand on the steering wheel to straighten their course as the lady continued to press gently on the brakes. They slid across the oncoming traffic lane and came to a halt in a sort of parking area just off the road. Nobody moved for a moment. You could only hear the soft sobs and quiet prayer coming from grandma´s lips in the backseat. Have we ever felt like we were protected or saved from this world for our Lord?

All through the Bible, we read of people set aside for God. He has performed countless miracles where certain disaster would have done away with His children but, He was there to protect them. God sees deep into the hearts of all men, beyond where even our own thoughts take us. He sees who will call on His name today, tomorrow, and for eternity. Those precious ones are the ones the Holy Spirit seals with God´s name. The ones who open their hearts to let Christ come in to be with them are chosen. They will see God work all kinds of wonders to lead them, teach them, and bring them safely Home! Would we like to be one of the special few who are sealed for God, to be His and draw near to Him forever?


Dear Lord,

Put Your seal upon us! We want to be Yours! Mark us as those who will know You and walk with You always, we pray!



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